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Let me start from telling you something about our history. Somewhere in the middle of 2007 the idea was born and animecalendar started as a simple text file which I was updating with few titles only for myself and my friend. Of course, as we started watching more and more anime, this just didn’t cut it anymore. Why don’t make it bigger we thought. Why don’t share it with everyone else? The ideas were overflowing but unfortunately we didn’t have money to pay someone for kick-ass script. (Where are the times when everything was in html…) And as the time went by on February 2008 we bought our very first script. There were no settings or marking episodes or even TV stations and hours with the episode number. We just didn’t have money or talent for that. We are both IT guys, but we specialize in graphic design so we don’t know anything about coding and stuff.

Before Christmas 2010, one of my friends, wrote for us brand new awesome script which you can see right now. Since that time, works smoothly, You got ton of new futures, and we got new admin panel which improved our update times from 6-7 hours to 2-4 hours. Yeah, updating animecalendar just takes so much time. But come on, this isn’t the end of our ideas! This site has so much potential! We want to do so much more for you guys! Unfortunately, due to personal stuff, my friend couldn’t finish the calendar which we all would be proud of. He stopped right before big update, leaving awesome things unfinished. But we couldn’t blame him, he did it for free.

Summer 2011, we found someone who could make our wishes come true. A friend of a friend. Again for free! Lucky us! But the truth is, our luck run away in 2010. We worked hard from July till January 2012 re-writing the whole script and making it even more awesome. But… he just stopped and we haven’t heard a word from that guy anymore.

And this is where we are right now. Nowhere. We can’t just take first guy from the street for our script, as thru the years we got a lot of competition and the risk of someone stealing our website is just to high.

I believe in good and bad luck and we have to much of the bad one lately. We want to change it! Help us change it! We always tried to give you the best info about anime and never wanted anything in return. We don’t want anything even right now. The thing that we want is Your help. Help us make better! Help us make one-hell-of-an-website!

Long story short – We need to rise 2700 US$ and try to find someone who will change our awesome ideas to brand new animecalendar. Why so much? Why 2700? Paying someone for script isn’t cheap :(. We don’t have this kind of money. We both study at university’s , we do not work, we try hard to even have money for server fees. (We need 3000$ but we have 300$ of our own, that’s why we need your help to rise the remaining 2700$).

If You want to donate, THANK YOU! We will give you something in return.

If you donate 50$ and more, you will get handwritten thank you letter from us together with a printed photo of our girl! (Which you probably saw on our facebook wall ;) – nope, it is not the same photo! And she’s not naked on the photo to be clear.)

If you donate 100$ and more, you will get the letter, printed photo and we will be in touch with you all the way of making new script with beta access!

If you donate 200$ and more, you will get all of the above and anytime you wish you can talk with us and give us your suggestions about animecalendar and if they are good, they will be implemented in the script. Also you will be listed on a special webpage for honor members who made a better place in the web. - thanks for all your help ;)

Our Goal
12% done

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Thank you for this calendar. It helps me a lot.


Such an Awesome Calendar. I really like it...


Absolutely love this site and can't wait to see how it evolves in the future! Donate and help it do so!! :D

Matthew P

I hope it helps!


Keep up the good work and hope this helps


My fellow Americans. This site is off the chain. Please help make it even better.

President Obama

Great site, keep it going!


Awesome Site


This site is awsome! So usefull, being able to sync the lost with me calendar on my phone and tablet is fantastic!


Many thanks for your site, it helps me a lot.


sorry i couldn't give much. love this site and hope all goes well!


Animecalendar is very useful for anime fans!




The calendar is great! Nice job!

David Holcomb

Good luck!


You guys have done an awesome job! Keep it up!


thank you for the awesome calendar!


Thanks for all the effort you put into the website!


Keep up the good work ^_^


I love this website, please keep up the good work! ^-^

Kimberly Anne

awesome! keep up the good work!